About BFS Technology


Blow-Fill-Seal technology is a closed system where a container is formed, filled, and sealed without human intervention by a process that virtually eliminates risk of contamination. The entire continuous process is carried out in a sterile shrouded chamber area inside the machine. Pharmaceutical grade resin is extruded into a tube, that is then "blown" to form the container. A mandrel is inserted into the newly formed container and filled to a specified volume. The container is then sealed and exited from the machine. At the end of this process, the product is ready for secondary packaging and distribution.



• More accurate dosing: (Unit Dose) - Allows Asept Pak to package your product in liquid unit-dose form, helping to reduce human error in dosing.
• Preservative-Free - By aseptically packaging your products, Asept Pak can eliminate the need for preservatives in your product.
• Contamination prevention - Contamination rates in the Blow-Fill-Seal process are much lower than in many other forms of aseptic production. The FDA and the USP characterize Blow-Fill-Seal technology as an advanced aseptic process for the sterile, aseptic processing of pharmaceutical liquids.
• Safety - The low-density and high-density polyethylene and polypropylene resins that are typically used for Blow-Fill-Seal packaging are generally considered inert and do not require rubber stoppers, thus eliminating the concerns of mold growth or leachables and extractables.