Our Packaging Solutions

Asept Pak's products are inherently aseptic, economical and have the added benefit of flexibility of design in container size and shape.

With our current Rommelag machines, fill volumes for unit dose or multi-dose medical device products can range from 0.25mL to 1 liter. We currently have a variety of container sizes and shapes available. Asept Pak can also work with you during product development for custom container design, including coverings to accommodate luer lock, luer-slip fits, twist-off features for caps and caps for metered drops.

Asept Pak's Blow-Fill-Seal vials and bottles provide increased sterility and safety compared to conventional sterile-fill techniques. Compared to glass, Asept Pak's containers have the safety advantages of being shatterproof and tamper-evident. These characteristics make Asept Pak an ideal avenue for medical device packaging.

A major advantage of Asept Pak's Blow-Fill-Seal technology over conventional packaging is the overall cost savings. Utilizing a single machine, the resin (plastic) is heated, liquefied and then blown into a custom-sized mold to form a container. The container is immediately filled with the desired volume and then sealed, all under sterile conditions. With this single process, production is more efficient and requires fewer personnel, and less floor space. After the machine run, finished product is immediately ready for packaging and distribution, eliminating the need for interim container storage of product prior to filling - all resulting in lower per unit cost.